Posted by: xedres | November 12, 2009

Review By You

Hey guys,

Club Penguin released another Reivewed By You! on the CP blog!

Let’s check it out!

“Lots going on right now – and on Friday there’s a brand new play at the Stage! It’s called Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed and you’ll have to work with your buddies to find a cure for being bug-sized. We asked last week what it would be like if your penguin shrunk (like Norman) and here’s what Itsmeagain08 said:  It would be really cool if my penguin shrunk! The puffles would all look like giants and it would take days to climb the ski hill! Whenever I would go to the pizza parlor I would take ages to finish one slice… And I could go swimming in my hot chocolate from the Coffee shop! I can’t wait for the new play! Waddle on!”

Picture 2

Well thats all for now



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