Posted by: xedres | November 12, 2009

The Club Penguin Times Issue #213

Hey guys,

Construction To Take Place At The Volcano Starting November 13th

Picture 6

From November The 13th, Ninjas are asked to help Sensei with further construction at the Dojo. Last week was filled with excitement and hard work, as ninjas helped to create a special golden Amulet. Naturally curious about the hum of activity in the mountains, the saw a audience with Sensei. He told us that the Volcano was now save for work to take place!

Picture 7

There Will Be A Ninja Mascot Called Ninja Fire Who Will Teach Us The Fire Ways Of The Card Jitsu Fire! Also There Will Be A Ninja Water and a Ninja Snow! They Will Teach Us How To Master The Element’s Water And Snow! I Wonder What Will Happen After We Have Mastered All Of The Elements!

Also Get ready for the snow maze

here is a picture:

Picture 8

Get ready for a cold winter season! A Special Members Event will take place at the Ski Village with Sleds, Sports Gear and lots of surprises! In advance, Rory the Construction Penguin has been using his driving skills with his Snow Trekker from (penguin chat)

Picture 9

Norman Swarman Has Been Transformed, the new play coming to the stage tomorrow. Apparently penguins will have to work together to get the full feature of the new play. There is also a “Secret Gnome” room for members to find. The new play starts tomorrow and goes until December 10th.

Click here to read the newspaper

Well thats all for now



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